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Six Flags Entertainment Corporation (SIX)

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  • K
    Six Flags Entertainment Corporation
    Going to Six Flags today as I'm a Season Pass holder & we get dibs on first week opening. Had to make reservations in advance & we must wear masks. Will be interesting wearing a mask on the rides. I currently own $FUN but am interested in $SIX. Will post my thoughts when I return.
  • K
    $PLAY conversation
    Helicopter money coming. Bat soup sniffle ending. Bored people cooped up in the house. Time to have some fun and go out to eat. #play #fun #six #dri
  • J
    $IAG conversation
    $Six Forty plus for IAG by end of next week! Today to be Up $1++++
  • R
    Fitbit, Inc.
    Something is betting very large on Feb 16th $Six Calls.
  • S
    Sleeping Giant
    Alternet Systems, Inc.
    $ALYI LoL My new avg is 0099 only moved up 1 digit and still green!

    Today is definitely green love making money!


    loading up here waiting on that suitcase:
  • s
    $MO conversation
    $59 soon!!! My other dividend stocks are $SIX, $LYB, $IRM
    Stock screener for investors and traders, financial visualizations.
    Stock screener for investors and traders, financial visualizations.
  • B
    $PEIX conversation
    Impressed with the revenue and EBITDA growth and disappointed with one-time charges, but understand the Candlewood strategy. Have $six figures of dry powder ready if price dips to $6.75. Project price to exceed $10 by end of year and $15 by end of Q1 2017.
  • J
    $GORO conversation
    Final Prices (5PM ET): Gold $1531.65 Up $8.55 … Gold going to $1661+++ in January
    Silver $18.07 Up $0.149 …. Silver going to $21+++ in January and $26+++ by End March
    GORO will be over $Six Forty plus any day now... any day!!!
    Buy... Buy... Buy... GORO, IAG, EXK and AG for Mega Profits in early 2020!!!!
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    $RLFTF conversation

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    $OPK conversation

    $Six !!!!!!!
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    $SIX conversation
    The two faces of Obama on Hillary:
    Obama on Hillary Clinton in 2008 vs now in 2016 - LOST CLIP
    OBAMA ON HILLARY IN 2008: "Hillary is corrupt, out of touch. She takes money from lobbyists and huge corporations on wall street. OBAMA ON HILLARY IN 2016 at...
  • M
    Six Flags Entertainment Corporation
    get your dividend just a little inside information as a season pass holder last year I loved how they were trying to make the park even more disabled-friendly by requiring a doctor's note. get that dividend
  • S
    $FTR conversation
    $Six-Sixty Nine. Someone is having fun with you bed fellows. Don't worry, it never ceases to disappoint. Ever in over 5 years. It always pulls back out.
  • k
    $spy goes down $six goes up. Can’t explain that.
  • P
    $SIX conversation
    $SIX is getting old. Everybody selling on a green market day.
  • C
    C Opt
    Six Flags Entertainment Corporation
    i doubt very much that this stock ever sees $50, unless it splits again.
  • S
    $SIX conversation
    Stock has really been selling off of late. Are we headed to $50 level?
  • F
    $SIX conversation
    Up >4% today. No news as to why. Curious. Anybody?
  • G
    $SIX conversation
    3 days remaining if you are looking to get in on $SIX dividend:
    Is buying Six Flags Entertainment Corporation (SIX) for its upcoming $0.64 dividend a good choice?
    Investors who want to cash in on Six Flags Entertainment's (NYSE:SIX) upcoming dividend of $0.64 have only 4 days left to buy the shares before the so called ex-dividend date on the Mon 27 Feb 2017.
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    T. W.
    $SIX conversation
    This Texas based company keeps chugging along. The stock is a winner and has been has the past 4 years with dividend raises to boot.