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PTC Inc. (PTC)

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    $PTC conversation
    Upgrades RBC Capital Outperform USD 130 » USD 145
    Target Raised by Barclays Overweight USD 142 » USD 145
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    $PTC conversation
    Here come the insider sales, I'm sure their Pimp Goldie Sachs is pumping out the several hundred thousand shares that were just sold int he last 2 weeks. Retail told to buy at 50 times earnings while insiders sell. Hmm, is this the next Facebook or Google...oh no this company has been around for 30 years!
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    $PTC conversation
    GAAP loss of $0.08. Short this thing hard...Look at value line...virtually no top line growth over past decade. Waaaay overvalued. May not gap down tomorrow but I feel pretty good about short position over medium term!
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    $PTC conversation
    martin, Fred, Rad... same bag of chips.
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    $PTC conversation
    I'm thinking you'll see an "Abandoned Baby" pattern tomorrow when this stock gaps lower. Money losing reverse splitting, sleaze over their at PTC. I'm sure the engineers and the product is good but the manipulating thieving lowlifes who put out the numbers are going to stick it in your arss if you go long this "Cloud Story".
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    $PTC conversation
    Where is the SEC. Reports earnings then oops forgot interest expense? At least the stock price gave me time to bail out but i think others may not be so lucky. Run, don't walk, away from this fraudulent company!