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Juniper Networks, Inc. (JNPR)

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  • Z
    $JNPR conversation
    A beat and stock is down. Tomorrow a couple of upgrades and we rise. JMHO
  • S
    $JNPR conversation
    JNPR's incompetent management blows another Q's beat with poor earnings guidance. One would think with a reduction of over 10% of shares they would be able to beat consistently moving forward.

    Need an activist to push for a total sell of the company in the 30s. Maybe ERIC, HPE or even a PE buy! Now's the time to buy it cheap while the management is floundering around.
  • P
    Juniper Networks, Inc.
    $JNPR PT $23. earnings miss and disappointing call looks to have this stock drop to new 52 week lows. Downside wisely and yearly guidance.
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    $JNPR conversation
    Target Raised by Needham & Company LLC Buy USD 27 » USD 28
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    $JNPR conversation
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    i Stock Stocks
    Juniper Networks, Inc.
    Reminds me of PANW.
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    $JNPR conversation
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    $JNPR conversation
    getting ball raped for no reason.
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    $JNPR conversation
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    $JNPR conversation
    Hillary is butt stoopid !!!
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    Warren of Wall St
    $JNPR conversation
    Juniper Networks $JNPR share price is roughly = intrinsic value, would you agree?
    Juniper Networks (NYSE:JNPR) - Fundamentals Analysis
    Juniper Networks (NYSE:JNPR): Sound financial shape but weak track record and not undervalued. Simply Wall St is a free app which gives investors access to institutional quality data and analysis presented in beautiful visual reports.
  • L
    $JNPR conversation
    JNPR should buy Edgewater Networks
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    Ravi Prasad
    $JNPR conversation
    JNPR is up for sale, but there are no buyer in the horizon...No one wants to touch it, it's been check mate by big brother Cisco. No hope for this company.
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    $JNPR conversation
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    $JNPR conversation
    Where is anybody, it's so lonely here buy my self. Deb
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    Yo dummies stop playing with poop... $JNPR is the real AR play