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Alibaba Group Holding Limited (BABA)

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    Alibaba Group Holding Limited
    $BABA, should I sell covered calls now or wait till it recovers back to $140?
  • a
    $9988.HK conversation
    How do i convert the price of to $baba? 127.800 -> 131.03 (price at close) what is the math behind it?
  • W
    $BABA conversation
    $BABA Why would someone sell $BABA now, it's like selling TSLA at $300 per share.
  • M
    $GURE conversation
    Gulf Resources (NASDAQ: GURE)
    4 February 2022 China will start Olympic game, all eyes will be on the country and they definitely want to impress the world

    It will be the catalyst for purchasing of Chinese firm listed in US that will do very well in 2022.

    I have +2% of total shares of Gulf Resources, being probably the first non Chinese private shareholder and I am fully convinced that it can go easily to a $20 valuation.

    2022 will be a profitable year given to the bromine price

    2022 will probably also a year when at least one of the following three happen:

    - reopening of 3 bromine sites currently idled;
    - opening of chemical plant;
    - opening of natural gas business

    Strong Buy
  • J
    $EH conversation
    Anyone else feeling renewed confidence now that munger has doubled down on his $baba adr stake? I think goes a long way to any line having adr hesitation. I feel like eh is just a matter of days or a couple weeks before it pops back well into the 20s. And thats without certification which we all know if coming soon.
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    Warren Buffett
    $BABA conversation
    Let's do a little math...

    $AMZN when AWS became profitable (4/19/2015) = $377.00

    AMZN today = $3,250

    $BABA when AliCloud became profitable (2/3/2021) = $263.43

    BABA in six years = ???

    Do the math.

    It's a no brainer that Alibaba is a 10x in six years. Maybe 20x. And it's currently on sale at exactly 50% off.

    I'm backing to the truck here.
  • d
    Senator Tommy Tuberville purchased nearly $350,000 in $BABA.

    He has previously publicly stated fierce opposition to Chinese investments.

    He also beat the market in 2021.
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    Barry Allen
    $BABA conversation
    While everyone is rejoicing Munger's recent buy, we also have Ray Dalio on our side. Recent 13F filing shows Ray Dalio has also silently doubled down on $BABA. He now owns $487M worth of shares. He is also a big believer of Chinese economy.
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    $BABA conversation
    If BABA drops for whatever reason I will buy more by selling other stocks like MSFT AAPL SHOP and other high PE ratio stocks.
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    $BABA conversation
    BABA was analyzed by 57 analysts. The buy consensus is at 81%. So analysts seem to be very confident about
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    European Stonks Guy
    $BABA conversation
    I would like to thank Mr. Market for offering me $BABA at 110$.
  • R
    Alibaba Group Holding Limited
    $BABA bought back shares at 190 dollar. So even they think it is more worth than 190. Probably they bought all the way down. Earnings per share will go up nice for the ones that had diamond hands
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    Alibaba Group Holding Limited
    $BABA last chance before the us senators are going to run this up
  • s
    $BABA conversation
    I'm hoping $BABA eventually rises up in part cause I'm rooting that Charlie Munger and rational thought will win over fear.
  • D
    $BABA conversation
    Congratulations everyone, remember we have a lot of room to grow! Good luck to all Longs
  • K
    $BABA conversation
    I hope $BABA buys $WISH
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    Snoopy with Tan
    $NIO conversation
    Sure bet, just buy more Tesla and be done with it. $tsla is the next tesla! Simple right!
    I have NIO but CCP is tanking their own companies. Just look at $BABA and $didi.
    I have eough NIO and will not be adding until CCP backs off. Why would any county want to mess with their own companies? ONLY CCP CAN but why?
  • 3
    It truly is a great day when $BABA is trending first thing in the morning.
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    Alibaba Group Holding Limited
    $BABA one of the easiest 2x's of 2022?
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    $REM conversation
    Couple $REM with $AR, ENLC, $BRK-B, $BABA, $FLNG, $SCCO, $BNKU, @ETH-USD. Mortgages, Oil, Midstream, Berkie Rose financial, Alibaba, Nat Gas shipper, Copper, U.S. 3x leveraged big banks, and