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Londres ganha loja dedicada aos Rolling Stones

SHOTLIST LONDRES, REINO UNIDO8 DE SETEMBRO DE 2020FONTE: AFPTV 1. Plano geral 'RS n.9 Carnaby' store2. Primeiro plano store sign3. Plano geral store on Carnaby street4. Panorâmica da esquerda à direita Carnaby Street to giant lips in the store's window5. Plano médio David Boyne looking at the clothes 6. SONORA 1 - David Boyne, Managing director of Bravado (homem, English, 14 seg.): "[speaking about the Rolling Stones]:They love what we’ve done, they love the product, they love the experiential element of the store, that fans and customers alike can really sort of engage with The Rolling Stones, as well as buy some fantastic products." 7. Primeiro plano David Boyne looking at the clothes8. Tilt de baixo para cima lips sculpture in the store9. Plano médio lips in the window 10. SONORA 2 - David Boyne, Managing director of Bravado (homem, English, 20 seg.): "It’s been a really interesting six months but I think the point is with Covid, and some of the challenges of physical retail, I actually think flip it 180 degrees, it’s a super positive message, both for Carnaby Street and for The Rolling Stones, that we’re opening up this incredible store at this time. And it’s interesting that I’ve spoken to people in the world of retail, and in fact in Carnaby Street, who think what we’re doing is incredible, and will give a great boost to the retail landscape." 11. Plano geral employees wearing branded masks in the store12. Plano médio employee looking at clothes13. Tilt de cima para abaixo from employee to clothes