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Licor para a alma

SHOTLIST EVATON, ÁFRICA DO SUL30 DE AGOSTO DE 2020FONTE: AFPTV 1. Plano geral Congregation singing and dancing2. Plano médio Congregation singing and dancing3. Plano geral Church service starts inside Bunny's tavern4. Primeiro plano Tsietsi Makiti's hand on the Bible behind beer bottles5. Plano geral Church service starts inside Bunny's tavern6. Plano médio Tsietsi Makiti taking a shot of alcohol before he starts 7. SONORA 1 - Tsietsi Makiti, Founder and pope of Gabola Church (homem, English, 10 seg.): "In Gabola Church, liquor is the one that is connecting us with our god, because if I'm under the influence of liquor I'm under the influence of the holy spirit at the same time." 8. Plano médio Tsietsi Makiti inducting a new church member9. Plano geral Tsietsi Makiti busy with his sermon10. Plano médio Congregation drinking during the service 11. SONORA 2 - Siphiwe Mafunisa, archbishop at the Soshanguve branch of Gabola (mulher, English, 11 seg.): "It's not an excuse (to drink on a Sunday) because when you go there we open a Bible, we open a verse, we pray. After we are worshipping and sanitise our stomach with a beer." 12. Plano geral Tsietsi Makiti dancing with his congregation13. Plano geral Tsietsi Makiti and his congregation singing and dancing as they make their way into the tavern where the service is held14. Plano médio Tsietsi Makiti is asked to bless a patron's beer and takes a sip