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STAAR Surgical Company (STAA)

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    $STAA continues to rise.
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    $STAA conversation
    $STAA I love this innovative company..I expect a huge jump post US-China trade deal announcement (expect later this week)..even without this news, fundamentals (as Mike pointed out - thanks Mike for an excellent analysis) will propel this company forward (they have not even started in the US market ...just an FYI, I spoke to a number of people and specially millennial age group - and they would love to rid of contact lens and remove the feeling of vulnerability ..and are waiting for the $STAA products to be available here in the US..) BUY my fiends and own this stock for a long term!
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    lVGO - I am
    Paying off my mortgage next week because of LVGO . I believed in this for long and it paid off today huge 👍🏽. Bye bye LVGO

    Next $SE $STAA $DDOG $TSM great buys 👍🏽.
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    $STAA took off today 25% gain. This is the same company Broadwood loaded big time and have made large profits. Now that they have been loading BioTime for 2 years I expect the same 50%-100% run by $BTX. Stay Wook people follow the money!
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    $TCBP conversation
    Think about oil stock PED! Oil is the hottest issue all over the world. PED is on bargain now, buy now hurry up. $LLAP $ONCS $STAA
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    $STAA conversation
    I listened to the conference call but did not hear anything that should have resulted in the 25% increase on increased volume. Can someone clue me in on what I missed?
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    $STAA conversation
    Interesting jump. Someone must be hearing whispers
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    $STAA should buy this company
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    Buy buy buy $SE $LVGO $STAA $CHGG

    if you own these stocks you will pay off your mortgage 😆
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    $STAA conversation
    Sales up marginally- what is catalyst here- Japan, new product, pricing?
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    $STAA conversation
    JNJ takes out Abbott eye surgery biz. For 4B+ they get a lot... except growth. Another 1B for Staar would solve that!