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Rolls-Royce Holdings plc (RR.L)

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    Rolls Royce Holdings plc
    So everyone knows this particular Roll-Royce has nothing to do with cars.
    Rolls-Royce Plc is the aerospace division. the car division was sold off in the 80's
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    Rolls Royce Holdings plc
    RR shares expected to rise (-: by end of end of ap4
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    Rolls Royce Holdings plc
    can anybody tell me what is the breakup value of this company taking the worst case scenario?
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    Rolls Royce Holdings plc
    £8.10 a share its just getting started.
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    Rolls Royce Holdings plc
    Employee view

    shares are lower than expected but with all the work being done to cut cost,focus on delivery, i know as a an employee and current shareholder this is a time to i would invest. i await to reap the rewards (-:
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    $RR.L conversation
    RR is now trading some 15% lower than a short time ago.
    Just bought some stock as I'm confident it's to bounce bake as some other aerospace companis shall.
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    Any feedback regarding the decrease today?