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    $AAPL conversation
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    The coronavirus pandemic has exposed a gaping disconnect between unprecedented economic pain on Main Street and extreme optimism on Wall Street.
    The coronavirus pandemic has exposed a gaping disconnect between unprecedented economic pain on Main Street and extreme optimism on Wall Street.
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    $MU conversation
    Intel to buy Micron – Trump Blocks IC Equipment Sales to China – Broadcom Fighting for QCOM by Robert Maire

    It has been reported that Intel is in talks with Micron over a proposed merger that would value Micron at $70 per share in a deal of a combination of stock and cash for Micron shareholders. It is said that the boards of both companies have already approved the deal.

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    $SNAP conversation
    And now GPro is $6.30 so I guess this paid pumper is not that good

    OrenAlast year
    $GPRO conversation
    we will open above $10 and go green in the first 2 hours had 25000 shares bought 4000 more at 9.50 don't mine if it opens low so i can sale my protection puts but I know it will open strong the earnings wasn't bad at all the future looks great.lets make America great again and buy American
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    GoPro, Inc.
    Geez, will it move past the $9 range at all today? Earnings Report can't be that bad!
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    $SNAP conversation
    And even more Bee S..... You should really delete your pumping trail

    OrenAlast yearReplied to a reaction
    $GPRO conversation
    It will not stay under 10 for along time just keep buying you will see 20s this year if not a 5 billion buyout .
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    $GPRO conversation
    Following Woodman's comments yesterday, I am issuing a buy rating on GPRO with a target of 11.75 before year's end. A lot of loose ends to tie up, but if his answers were correct, they appear to be making headway and the market will respond.
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    $TWTR conversation
    goldman sac upgraded $gpro @ $85 #clownshow
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    Tesla, Inc.
    Holy shh folks, tsla is in space off to Mars, next rally is $gpro GoPro tomorrow on earnings day. Good to be in it for once.
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    GoPro, Inc.
    is ER today ?
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    $GME conversation
    Caitlin last month
    $GPRO conversation
    Buyout imminent!....Betting on FB for $10-$12 share.

    GPRO was $7+ when Caitlin posted this.
    She is a bagholder there, and based on her noobness, I'm betting most everywhere she posts.
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    Never thought I'd post a comment on here but here goes. Clearly GoPro has had execution issues, which (in the grand scheme) are minor to be honest. Failed session year, Drone recall, whatever. 36% of the float is short, trading at @$10 on NO volume. Means that no more bad news will drive us longs out. GoPro has a synonymous brand, has acquired 3 software companies, and has a much larger vision than playing tug of war with DJI for drone sales. If you want to race drones by a DJI, great, Woodman will tell you the same thing. They do not provide a life solution tying the whole package together nor do they have the vision GPRO does. Even if it's still years in the making customers believe in the brand. It's cameras are built like a rock, and you can bet they won't sacrifice quality on the future of Karma. Lastly, GPRO has what the greatest companies in the world have; tactile greatness. When you see and feel an iPhone, or a macbook, they look and feel superior to anything else. Well, when you see and hold a hero5 you want it plain and simple, when you look at karma vs. any other drone, you want it. Longs (from any price) still holding are smart to do so, in a decade they will be a major media player in a market that doesn't exist yet and the shares have the potential to reach all-time highs. Non-believers are following Wall Street propaganda which is standard, but visionaries and artists can see that this is much more than "just another holiday product" as you'll be blasted with by the news and doubters because they're "technical short-term critics." Jobs was a decade ahead of technology, as GoPro is and will continue to be. 4K (streaming rate 25 MBits) is not provided/cheap/or easily accessible bandwidth to 70% of those paying for service. I began to recently doubt Nick's execution abilities recently but had to bring myself back to the ground and remember, 36% IS SHORT. THEY LEGALLY HAVE TO COVER PEOPLE. Let's not forget they aren't actual equity they're arbitrary shares in the float. You can be the biggest bear in the world and I'd still bet against you. GoPro, sounds superior when you say it, provides superior products when you see/touch/use it, and is now getting into easy-to-use editing and content delivery? Good luck to those who are short, but just know when the squeeze hits, it won't be a 10 or 20% increase like so in the past, it'll be a $10/$20 one. In the end, Brand name wins. You don't say tissue you say Kleenex. You don't say action camera you say GoPro. 2020 will be north of $100. Good day
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    $GPRO conversation
    I bought 7500 shares @ 16.82 last week and now i'm down almost
    20 grand! My wife is about to leave me I put in our house fund, now
    we can't get our new home.
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    $GPRO conversation
    Okay. I really think this is unfair. Yes, this company wasn't able to meet the demand of their products, failed to meet the due dates, and had a little issue with Amazon and all that. But GoPro doesn't deserve this kind of treatment in the stock world. Patience is a virtue, and seems like many people investing in GoPro have no virtue.
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    $GPRO conversation
    if guidance isn't great, does this stock really have that much more room to fall? now with hero 5 and karma entering the market, it's hard to envision this stock going back to single digits. the stock has been battered so much these past few weeks, i feel like there's a huge upside potential and minimal risk going into q3 earnings. thoughts?
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    $GPRO conversation
    Earnings look good, guidance is great.. Karma and Hero 5 is going to bring huge profit back to GPRO this holiday season, and into 2017.
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    $GPRO conversation
    Hearing Rumor Of Microsoft M&A For GoPro
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    Don HC
    $GPRO conversation

    So, I studied GPRO and looked at various things.....ALL indicators are showing a good upside up to $18 or even $19 now.

    This stock is about to FLY. We have already met the low point yesterday and that is why we saw an upside. From its only upside till we meet the higher end which is $18 to $19 range.

    So my opinion, if you bought this stock hold. If you bought it above $19, then unload at anything above $18 because at that point it will retract back down and I do not know what that point will be at this point.

    Anyways, I think we will see upside from here till $18. Good luck everyone.
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    GoPro, Inc. thinks that snapchats ugly glasses that will record 10 second clips and upload them instantly to the web is the reason GoPros stock dropped today, clearly they are not very bright.
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    $GPRO conversation
    This is an open offer for jbrad, wired, or anyone else who believe GoPro is going to be fine. I've explained why I think GoPro should be run from as an investment right now. Between several years of nothing but losses (and 2017 is already said to be a loss), several failed product launches, and missing the entire 2016 holiday season which was supposed to get them back on track, there is nothing here to invest in long term, unless you like playing the lottery. So now, for those who disagree, try posting something intelligent that shows us your cogent, coherent, rational argument for why you think the opposite. Let's hear what you have to say, and "GoPro is a leader!" doesn't count. And for the record, they WERE a leader, but one cannot lead without product. Say something adult, and maybe you'll get treated as one. No wishes, hopes, or dreams, just rational thought, please. I think some of you can do it.
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    $GPRO conversation
    Greetings sports fans, Gopro fumbled the ball on Sunday, a fitting day to fumble the ball, however, if they can play some really good defense like that of the Seahawks for now, they could get the ball back and score a touchdown to win, or at least a field goal to get some points on the board.