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Fastenal Company (FAST)

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    $AMD conversation
    $75 billion market share and we will gain a large part. #fast #tech
    Lisa Su, Advance Micro Devices CEO discusses the company's big quarterly beat; growth in gaming; her outlook on blockchain, and strategy to beat the competit...
    Lisa Su, Advance Micro Devices CEO discusses the company's big quarterly beat; growth in gaming; her outlook on blockchain, and strategy to beat the competit...
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    $DVAX conversation
    AFFINITY WEALTH MANAGEMENT LLC,has filed Form 13F for Q3 2021.Opened NEW positions in $BAC $BBWI $BEN $CCJ $CLF $CTVA $DVAX $FAST $GPRE
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    $FAST conversation
    Fastenal has really been a laggard given the very good analysts calls, good earnings reports, good fundamentals and even how well the rest of the industrials are doing. If DE, ITW, CAT, F, etc. keep coming out with great earnings reports, that inherently means that their customer base (aka the manufacturers) are doing well, therefore we should. This stock has really made me scratch my head, I have made money off of it, but am down currently on recent re-entry, started to really question logic of buying back in (and in a strong way). Still a great company with a nice dividend. Hopefully the price will accelerate to match other industrials and not be dogged by the likes of Grainger and MSC catalog shops who are outdated dinosaurs that are grossly overpriced to act as a one stop shop.
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    DATA443 Risk Mitigation, Inc.
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    $UWT conversation
    Stocks on our watch list this week: $AMAT $AMGN $CAT $EBAY $FAST $GWW $INTC $KSS $UWT $X $PLAY $T
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    $SLS conversation
    $fast ... so you are saying from a post comment below that it's OK to "speculate" and "spread information about the pipeline" to which I agree. The problem you seem to NOT see is when these people like you defend the folks who say things like, "Merger-Alert" or "Price at $2,500.00 by Friday" or "$3-$5 tomorrow" or "bottom is in". These people are bottom feeders trying to manipulate the price for their Personal Gain. THAT is what I bash. people like Dr Robert and AlphApex ... Good posters. Factiual Info and NO BS. Yiu however are or seem to be defending the bottom feeders who lie and make stuff up. THAT'S NOT SPECULATING or SPREADING INFO (Pipeline). So are you also a bottom feeder or do you agree with me??? I am NOT a short. I bought around 2/26 and have 10500 @$2.67 avg. Please be smart and do not assume you think you know. One other thing. How can you defend people who have post history ALL OVER THE PLACE that shows the predictions they made NEVER happened? They are NEVER Right.
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    $FAST conversation
    cramer blamer is wrong 73% of the time. Time to short the daylights out of it.
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    $FAST conversation
    I don't like this new web interface for yahoo
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    Fastenal Company
    so it's worth about 48-50 a share and it's at mid 40's. not a bad place to pick up if I don't say so myself. 👍🤗
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    $FAST 對話
    $FAST could face gross margin headwinds as nonfastener sales, national accounts, and on-site programs become a larger part of the firm’s business.
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    $FAST conversation
    are fastned and fastenal same company. i don't got it. what the head is that.
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    $FAST conversation
    How many fasteners does it take to build a wall and a pipeline?
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    $FAST conversation
    Could be a buying opportunity today. But I'm holding off to see if it can get even cheaper tomorrow.
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    $FAST conversation
    this sucks. I can't find anything.
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    JIM CRAMER, IDIOT TROLLS, MM’s, that clown blonde on the closing bell, Sarah Eihnhon.

    Can’t stand the naysayers!

    To the moon!
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    $FAST conversation
    $FAST........... Tired of being on the wrong side of the trade? So was I until I joined LoinStockAlert. The alerts are quality, not junk and they are straight forward and cut out the hype.
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    $FAST conversation
    BruceK, if the shorts are to be believed this is the most irrational play of 2017. The article claims that its P/E is on par with the technology stocks. I guess he or she hasn't cared to look at some of the other big industrials like ITW, DE, CMI, JOY, and PCAR. If anything I would think that Joy and Paccar are more likely short candidates than Fastenal. From a strictly technical side the hardware business is showing good strength. Not going to say that FAST hasn't proven staying power, but everything seems to point to good earnings this time around, mainly with autos doing exceptionally well this quarter.
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    $FAST conversation
    you are too kind - it's horrible. Too much going on and MBs disappeared.
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    $FAST conversation
    Received an alert this am about $FAST from, you may want to take a look. Day trading investing. "hhse"
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    $FAST conversation
    HATE this new yahoo board look !! and whats up with Fast ?? come on guys k=make some money !!