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Datadog, Inc. (DDOG)

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    Golden Path Acquisition Corporation
    $GPCO $DDOG $NVDA good week here baby I’m staying for while
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    Datadog, Inc.
    $DDOG $AMD What do people think of the seeking alpha podcast that suggested these two stocks will be the next FAANG stocks? It's on YouTube. Pretty good presentation.
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    $VISM conversation
    $DDOG was hinted a few weeks before official PR. Look closely into PR. Who is hinted?? $CRWD

    TruContext ingests ANY data in its raw and native format, including PCAP, Netflow, Nessus, Splunk data, Crowdstrike, etc., making it easier for users to see machine data and find new insights - Users can now leverage TruContext to understand cyber threat data in real-time, enabling decisions to be made with confidence.
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    $LCID conversation
    The Nasdaq Stock Exchange today announced the results of the reconfiguration of the index
    NASDAQ 100

    The following companies will be added to the index on December 20, 2021
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    $DDOG conversation
    I don't think people here realizes how critical is $DDOG for their customers. Datadog is a must if you run any Cloud Infrastructure or applications and without it companies would be exposed to very costly outages. They are way ahead of their competitors and developers love it, that's why they are so sticky and have such impressive numbers.
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    Hey all
    $DDOG Long - via Call Options
    Very Bullish on This EPS & Fwd guidance.

    The key here is data centers and cloud management.

    This Covid has created a catalyst for companies to grow in new ways.

    And with that growth of companies like AMAZON, MSFT, OSTK, ETSY, ‘Telemedicine’ , Fintech, among other companies are expanding data centers n cloud space and therefor will need
    DDOG to help manage that growth.

    IMO, that’s why DDOG has been going up- EPS from online platforms reporting EPS beats n fwd growth.

    If AMAZON chose DDOG for their expansion, that tells you DDOG is pretty much the best in the game!

    Just like the best chip companies like AMD & NVDA
    are needed for their Chips/GPU/CPUS for the build out of these data centers

    Over the past few weeks I’ve notice 100K-500K++ Shs of DDOG being purchased at 358/359Pm.

    I’ve also noticed some action on some interesting action on the 8/21/20 125 Long Calls

    Only 0.60 each call !

    IMO, I think DDOG will be around 100-105 by the day of EPS...
    DDOG will prob hit 100+ on Monday, considering it has a 52 week high of 98.99, reached a few weeks ago.

    Also, IMO, there should be upgrades preceding n following DDOG’s EPS

    Just some food for thought ...
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    $NET conversation
    one analyst from JPM downgraded today many cloud stocks $ZS, $DDOG, $NET. And that's pretty much at the bottom of daily MACD, in all of them they just had neutral rating reiteration several weeks ago. Their average success rate is 58% though.
  • j
    $NKLA conversation
    One more free recommendation from a special person I know. $DDOG.
    Now back to NKLA. I love these two potential game changing companies.
  • M
    My bad guys .

    $DDOG , did have a trade at @3:59PM-4:00PM
    1.5Million Shs (slightly prior to that trade, there were a few green trades)
    And immediately after , a few multiple green trades Up... right into and for a minutes after 4:00PM ...
    My level II
    Instant started flashing green 90 through 94.50....

    Examining the chart . That last large 1.5 Million share trade was actually RED.
    Looks like a short....A BUY , but Buying high & selling Low

    But, I’m still long $DDOG , via Long call options

    $DDOG has essentially had quite the run and not wild 10PT + swings up ... but

    Funny cuz it’s rising steadily , it has very strong volume in long call options and very few put options... esp going into summer
    ESP JULY& August Long Call Options with strikes of 90s, 95s, 100s, 105s, 110s...

    I hope for the best.
    Tomorrow, based on several companies AH Quotes (currently viewing) looks like a down day tom. But who knows, as of lately.
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    $ZS conversation
    Ok JPM downgraded everything citing valuations being high considering rate hikes, but you know the rate hike effect is overstated for sure, because the increase will happen from 0% to 1.5% - probably the least significant hike in these monetary cycles. Even if you consider DCF models 1.5% in 10 years results in 15% discount rate, thus, the 15% correction in valuations has happened already... So essentially you can start buying already. $NET, $AKAM, $DDOG, $ZS
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    $NTAP conversation
    This company has been categorized has a low growth value stock, but this last upside surprise ER changes that. It's now a fast growing cloud play, the likes of $SPLK, $DDOG, $TWLO, $FSLY etc. With a P/S of 1.8 and a P/E of 12 it's got a lot of catching up to do. From ER press release: "NetApp™ public cloud services annualized recurring revenue of $178 million, an increase of 192% year-over-year"
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    $DDOG conversation
    Just bought $DDOG at $95. Given my record of losing 66% right after I buy a stock, this may crash to $31 within a year. Just a heads up. Also just bought $DOCU at $210, so that may crash to $69.
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    $VISM conversation
    One more partner datadog is coming!! #ddog
  • M
    Hey all
    via options

    Aside from EPS , lol, I’m curious about DDOG’s “Investor Conference”

    Interesting news today ++
  • S
    Let those Fastly sellers come over and buy some $DDOG
  • B
    $AMD $nvda $RBLX $DDOG
    Winners going forward
    Get in this weakness
  • M
    I’m uncertain about today, given the market conditions and nervousness anoutb EPS...
    But I’m HOPING , $DDOG will have its usual trend up around 230Pm-3pm

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    Alteryx, Inc.
    So let me get this straight...all those fake "long term investors" are out and now bashing because they delivered "only" 17% growth during the worst quarter probably over past 2 decades? 😂 So should I sell Visa or Adobe too for exat because there is one, two quarter revenues de acceleration? You people have no patience. I mean if you want a high growth go get some $DDOG or $ZM at 50x EV/sales. At 18x EV/sales with 90% margins I will get your shares here. Long AYX. These guys are best in class. back to $200+ in 2021 once we put covid19 behind.
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    $DDOG conversation
    Can't find any news. Why's $DDOG up 5% today?
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    Still Long $DDOG

    Been looking at the Option Volume...
    yes, even though it’s a down day for tech/ cloud sectors
    I see a great deal of Call activity , esp going into EPS end of Aug 2020/ Sept 2020 95-105 Calls

    IMO, this is a buying opportunity...

    Just my 2 cents
    Good time