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  • A
    $AMZN conversation
    This is not about $NFLX. Amazon stock has been on a decline for many weeks. BUT fundamentals haven't changed for $AMZN. This is about interest rate policies and the fact that P/E of 50+ have become inacceptable for companies like Amazon.
  • A
    I remember I had the choice to buy two $GOOGL or one $AMZN, guess can’t do nothing else but hold
  • D
    $AMZN conversation
    Earnings report sometime between Jan31- Feb4. 2022 is predicted to be a breakout year for $AMZN sp. GLTA
  • B
    Big Thinker
    $PYPL conversation
    Let's not forget, Paypal is currently processing more than $3 Billion in transactions every single day, and they earn 2% of that. (Last quarter posted $310B in payment volume, $6B in revenues) The vast majority of these transactions take place on mobile for ecommerce transactions. There should be no slowdown for them to continue upward as a major processor for ecommerce merchants. On a separate note, their Venmo unit has 75 million users. Very soon, as they announced, these 75 million users will be able to checkout on Amazon $AMZN using Venmo. Amazon covers roughly 50% of total ecommerce volume.
  • D
    David ddskof
    Alphabet Inc.
    GOOG, $AMZN, $TWTR, $FB, $SQ, doctors, actors and news sources got political. Politicians dictated policy to voters. When people saw through them their stocks and the market plummeted.
  • A
    $AMZN conversation
    So, $AMZN is - more or less - at it's lowest point in 18 months. Fundamentally, nothing has changed. Covid has helped Amazon within it's core business and AWS massively.

    Basically it's means, that P/E ratios of equities will go down short-term and mid-term because of the - expected - policy changes within the FED. Equities are to expensive, nearly ALL of them.
  • N
    $AMZN conversation
    Hopeless $AMZN. Should've put the money in $GOOGL instead
  • W
    Warren Buffett
    $BABA conversation
    Let's do a little math...

    $AMZN when AWS became profitable (4/19/2015) = $377.00

    AMZN today = $3,250

    $BABA when AliCloud became profitable (2/3/2021) = $263.43

    BABA in six years = ???

    Do the math.

    It's a no brainer that Alibaba is a 10x in six years. Maybe 20x. And it's currently on sale at exactly 50% off.

    I'm backing to the truck here.
  • ẞeyhmus
    $AMZN conversation
    $AMZN will also lose all pandemic gains after earnings report. I will not be suprised if it starts Feb at $2200 per share.

    The best option is to go to 1/10 split to change the mood.
  • O

    Bank of America says $AMZN is their top FAANG pick for 2022 with a price target of $4450
  • k
    Golden Path Acquisition Corporation
    $AMZN $TSM $GPCO so many worried and scared bears almost garuntees a melt up today!!scoop up the shares before it’s too late🤔
  • b
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    Massive growth coming to this stock folks. $WIMI $AMZN
  • D
    Death note
    $AMZN conversation
    $googl $amzn $msft $fb $aapl I support for a crash / recession !
  • T
    Tom Collie
    $AAPL conversation
    Who cares if the Fed raises rates? Why does that matter?

    This fixation on rates doesn’t make sense.

    If you have an incredible business, something you really think can earn substantial amounts in the future, do you really care if the discount rate is 1.7%, 2.25% or 3%? Does it really make sense to invest in fixed income or non-interest-bearing assets when you can buy equities producing 20%+ ROA, 30%+ ROIC and 50%+ ROE?

    Discount any cash flow stream by e-rt and you will see precisely what I mean.

    $100e(-.017)(1) = $98.31
    $100e(-.0225)(2) = $95.60
    $100e(-.03)(3) = $91.39

    𝝨 = 285.3

    What if rates went even higher? What if they went from 1.7% to 5%?

    $100e(-.017)(1) = $98.31
    $100e(-.03)(2) = $94.18
    $100e(-.05)(3) = $86.07

    𝝨 = $278.56

    Scenario 2, which I doubt anyone expects to happen, represents a decline of only $6.74 or a 2.36% discount overall from Scenario 1. This is exactly the point.

    The earnings power of $AAPL $MSFT $FB $AMZN and other best-in-class equities is vastly superior to 95% of other investment opportunities. These miniscule changes in yields are irrelevant.

    Yes, a higher risk-free rate will eventually diminish the value of equities – but right now, in January 2022, opportunity abounds. In fact, I think the SP 500 could surge 27% to 6000 by end of this year.

    Good luck!
  • b
    In 1999 $AMZN ran 97% in just 6 days then fell 95% from $100 to $5.51 a share and took 10 long years to retake its ATH! 👇 Only very few have patience to hold that stock for 10 long years just to breakeven!
  • B
    Alphabet Inc.
    GOOG down over 2%, I'm buying here. In the next couple weeks, the sentiment for big tech will change. Earnings will show how resilient the big money is compared to everyone else. Even if rates are eventually raise by 2% over the next year or two, won't hit big tech much. Still be super low rate and tech was killing it a few years ago when rates where at that level. Plus, inflation will be cut in half by Q3-Q4. GOOG, $FB, $MSFT, $AMZN, $APPL, $NVDA
  • U
    $STLA conversation
    🎉 $AMZN $STLA | Amazon To Be First Commercial Customer For Stellantis’ New Ram Promaster Battery Electric Vehicle In 2023
    - Stellantis Selects #AWS As Its Cloud Provider For Vehicle Platforms To Deliver On Its Longterm, Software-Focused Vision!
  • N
    $AMZN conversation
    I'm buying $AMZN at 3330 on this market pullback. $3700 is an easy rebound goal.
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    Sold about 25% of my $AAPL holding and placed it directly into $AMZN. I think it’s the play… AMZN went absolutely nowhere despite being the new age way of shopping (Prime), plus a great streaming platform (Prime Video), a heavy hitter in the gaming space that will benefit from VR and the metaverse (Twitch). How has this stock gone absolutely nowhere? It’s due for a 25% jump in price.
  • V
    Value stock investor
    $BABA conversation
    I find it interesting that, at any time, Congress can decide to impose a 50% corporate tax rate, as it did in the 1960s, yet $AAPL and $AMZN are considered safe and Chinese stocks like $BABA are considered destined to be plundered and destroyed by Xi and the CCP, despite there being no historical precedent for such a raid on corporate profits. The highest ever Chinese corporate tax rate was 33%, which is almost exactly the average US corporate tax rate (32.37%). The FUD only goes one way I suppose. Eventually, the voting will stop and the weighing will begin. And that's when the smart investors will become the rich investors.