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    $MSFT conversation
    $MSFT, $AAPL, and $AMD are going to continue being the rotation havens this week with the 10 year drama being used as an excuse for market pullback. As I have mentioned before, MSFT have the cash war chest to acquire companies to quickly gain market share in the hot new trend, and this morning's $ATVI announcement is more proof. I also believe $AAPL is preparing to compete very heavily in the VR/Metaverse world. Keep in mind, that products like Facebook's Oculus came out years ago...and Apple has been developing and testing a VR product for the past few years, because that's how they do it with every new tech....they Apple-ize a popular product to make it their own, and then take market share. I believe their entry announcement into the VR world will come in 2022, especially now MSFT is pushing forward with the Activision buy. While AMD will continue supplying more competition beating chips to companies and consumers, the media will be covering more of MSFT and APPL in the news with upgrades & higher outlooks, these three household names that will only get more bullish as 2022 rolls on. Keep buying. Keep holding.
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    $AMD conversation
    $AAPL will license AMD graphics if Apple wants to stay in the cell phone business.
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    $SONY conversation
    If $MSFT can do it, so can $AAPL...
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    $MSFT conversation
    This is why I told you to buy as much as you can of $MSFT, $AAPL, and $AMD. All up closing in the green as expected. All three recovered nicely and only going to get better next week. Stay long and keep telling yourself: The FUD is unsustainable. Keep buying. Keep holding.
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    $GOOG conversation
    I am a long tech retail investor. I've been investing regularly in $AAPL and $MSFT since June 2020 - just buying and never sold any shares. Although I am familiar with google, I spent couple of days to determine whether I'll add it in my portfolio. So today, I started a small position in google, took the opportunity to buy while in dip. Good luck to all longs!!!
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    $MSFT conversation
    This is your sign to buy $MSFT under 310 and $AAPL under 173 on this pullback. Keep buying. Keep holding.
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    By Anthony Donati Jan 14 2022 - 10:29am
    Lucid Could Potentially Be Crowned The Maker of The Apple Car
    Could Lucid Possible Land the Apple automotive Contract? If Lucid does win, $LCID would skyrocket to new highs. What would this do for $AAPL stock? We will find out when Apple announces in late 2022.
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    $LCID conversation
    Lucid Could Potentially Be Crowned The Maker of The Apple Car

    Could Lucid Possible Land the Apple automotive Contract? If Lucid does win, $LCID would skyrocket to new highs. What would this do for $AAPL stock? We will find out when Apple announces in late 2022.

    Will Apple and Lucid Team up to create an Apple Car?

    Lucid Motors and Apple have been long rumored to partner up in the future. If this is indeed the case then we could see an enormous increase in Lucids stock price. A partnership with Lucid Motors and the Silicon Technology Company would almost certainly solidify Lucid as one of the leaders in the Electric Vehicle race.

    Apple's latest Announcement

    Apple has just announced that they will be choosing who will make the Apple car in late 2022. This news caused a rumble in the Electric Vehicle space as many companies will be trying to win this once in a lifetime opportunity to create an Apple car that will be desired by many. Apple had the opportunity to buy Tesla for around $60 Billions when Elon Musk went to Apple right before Tesla almost had to declare bankruptcy. Tesla was rejected and ended up receiving outside investors to help save the company. That ended up being a huge mistake for Apple, as Tesla is now valued over a Trillion dollar.

    Why Lucid?

    Lucid Motors has prided themselves with having the best battery technology in the Electric Vehicle industry. For an indepth analysis of Lucid Motors Battery Technology check out Lucid Motors' Secret Weapon. Peter Rawlinson has also been foreshadowing a future Lucid x Apple Partnership. This is not the first time that Peter Rawlinson has tried to give hints to Lucid fans. He winked at the camera when he was on a live interview that many Lucid fans suggest was a hint Lucid Motors was merging with $CCIV. This ended up coming to fruition and early investors made a lot of money.

    On Lucid Motors' 3rd Quarter Earnings Call, Mr. Rawlinson was asked if the company had any intention of licensing their technology in the future or partnering with a Silicon Valley company in the future. Peter Rawlinson responded that Lucid would be open to a potential partnership with a Silicon Valley company. The SEC has a rule that any rumor that is untrue has to be denied and dismissed if there is no validity to the rumor.

    When Lucid Motors and Apple were asked about a potential partnership both companies declined to comment. Why would the companies not just decline the rumor if this was untrue. Hyundai and Kia had talks with Apple, but those conversations quickly broke down. With Lucid and Apple they are still alive and well.

    What does Lucid have that Apple may want?

    Apple has always built their brand on strong products and the best technology. Lucid Motors thrives in both of those areas. Lucid has state of the art battery technology and is at the top of the luxury products in the automotive industry. I would guess that Apple would want to compete with Tesla since they made a terrible decision to not buy Tesla out and could potentially partner with Tesla's main competitor in the Electric Vehicle space. It would be a win-win for both Lucid and Apple as they would be able to create the world's most advanced Electric Vehicle. Apple would help Lucid Motors expand globally since Apple is not in any way strapped for cash and understands how massive the Electric Vehicle industry will become.

    It is not a surprise that Apple and Sony both want to get their hands on that market share and many of the Electric Vehicle startups will end up not surviving all of these legacy automakers and these giant technology companies that are trying to cycle into the EV industry.

    Lucid Motors Studio x The Apple Store

    I also find it interesting that Lucid chose their studio location right under an Apple store. This caught supporters from Lucid by surprise and quickly caused a stir for the Electric Vehicle company on social media back in November 2021. The location is in Miami in Brickell City Center.

    I wrote an article detailing a bunch of different Apple employees that have jumped ship and now work for Lucid Motors, which could also be a great foot in the door when bringing a potential partnership with the two to fruition. Check that one out to learn more about the possible partnership. Lucids Talent Takeover

    My Conclusion

    My opinion of an Apple x Lucid partnership is it will simply help both companies grow in the Electric Vehicle industry. I do believe that if a partnership did happen, Lucid's stock could triple in the matter of a couple days. This would be an enormous win for Lucid Motors as they see themselves at the front of Electric Vehicles in the future. Apple would certainly help volt them up as a leader in that industry and they would have enough money to expand their Renewable Energy division which is estimated to bring in roughly $22 Billion by 2026.

    Time will tell if Lucid and Apple do come to a partnership agreement

    Good luck and GOD bless.
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    Tom Collie
    $AAPL conversation
    Who cares if the Fed raises rates? Why does that matter?

    This fixation on rates doesn’t make sense.

    If you have an incredible business, something you really think can earn substantial amounts in the future, do you really care if the discount rate is 1.7%, 2.25% or 3%? Does it really make sense to invest in fixed income or non-interest-bearing assets when you can buy equities producing 20%+ ROA, 30%+ ROIC and 50%+ ROE?

    Discount any cash flow stream by e-rt and you will see precisely what I mean.

    $100e(-.017)(1) = $98.31
    $100e(-.0225)(2) = $95.60
    $100e(-.03)(3) = $91.39

    𝝨 = 285.3

    What if rates went even higher? What if they went from 1.7% to 5%?

    $100e(-.017)(1) = $98.31
    $100e(-.03)(2) = $94.18
    $100e(-.05)(3) = $86.07

    𝝨 = $278.56

    Scenario 2, which I doubt anyone expects to happen, represents a decline of only $6.74 or a 2.36% discount overall from Scenario 1. This is exactly the point.

    The earnings power of $AAPL $MSFT $FB $AMZN and other best-in-class equities is vastly superior to 95% of other investment opportunities. These miniscule changes in yields are irrelevant.

    Yes, a higher risk-free rate will eventually diminish the value of equities – but right now, in January 2022, opportunity abounds. In fact, I think the SP 500 could surge 27% to 6000 by end of this year.

    Good luck!
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    $AAPL conversation
    Very interesting after a stellar report by $TSM, $AAPL, its largest customer is down. Mediatek its 2nd largest customer is barely up, and $AMD its 3rd largest customer is down big. Lmao!!!
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    $MSFT conversation
    With media pushing the narrative of 'tech selloff' due to interest rates (which is moronic in itself because rates are lower than pre-pandemic even), you will see money rotate into the 'safe techs' like $MSFT, $AAPL, and $AMD....which are oversold. Along with shorts covering in these names if these get bullish, be prepared for a quick rebound. With options expiring, we may not see a rebound late today or until Monday if not at the open...I'm optimistic that open will be green. Keep buying. Keep holding.
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    Mr. Nobody
    $PTON conversation
    Can $AAPL buy $PTON? It is so cheap
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    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    hope they up more... $AAPL $WIMI $NVDA
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    Boba Fett
    $ADBE $MSFT $AAPL $GOOG you can never go wrong with these stocks, don’t mind the short term turbulence, buy the dip and thank me later.
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    Sold about 25% of my $AAPL holding and placed it directly into $AMZN. I think it’s the play… AMZN went absolutely nowhere despite being the new age way of shopping (Prime), plus a great streaming platform (Prime Video), a heavy hitter in the gaming space that will benefit from VR and the metaverse (Twitch). How has this stock gone absolutely nowhere? It’s due for a 25% jump in price.
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    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    After decades of dividends, the Internet has also hit a bottleneck. Now Metaverse is just in time to help the Web break out of its traffic doldrums. In addition to the capital market's praise of Metaverse, what is more important is the in-depth layout of Metaverse by the head giants. In China, Tencent, $WIMI and $BIDU are the representatives, while in the US, $FB and $AAPL are the representatives. They have expressed their love for Metaverse in different ways.
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    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    2022 is poised to be the biggest year yet for “the metaverse,” $AAPL $WIMI $GOOG
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    Party 🎉 is Finally Over
    $NVDA conversation
    $AAPL conversation
    Were you 🎱 snookered again ?
    Do you see the difference between the 12 year bull market and this bear 🐻 market yet ?
    Are you learning anything about how pros take your money 💰 in bear 🐻 markets ?
    How much of your fabulous once in a lifetime Gains have you lost trying to buy the dip in a bear 🐻 market ?
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    Value stock investor
    $BABA conversation
    I find it interesting that, at any time, Congress can decide to impose a 50% corporate tax rate, as it did in the 1960s, yet $AAPL and $AMZN are considered safe and Chinese stocks like $BABA are considered destined to be plundered and destroyed by Xi and the CCP, despite there being no historical precedent for such a raid on corporate profits. The highest ever Chinese corporate tax rate was 33%, which is almost exactly the average US corporate tax rate (32.37%). The FUD only goes one way I suppose. Eventually, the voting will stop and the weighing will begin. And that's when the smart investors will become the rich investors.
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    $AMD conversation
    The AMD business is worth more than $AAPL. Give it time.